For us, it is important to be at one with nature. Most of our products are made with pieces of mother earth and there for it is extremely important to us that we take care of our planet. When we started to think about our packing process we knew instantly that the most important thing is sustainability. That is why we decided to find amazing Australian companies that share the same values and vision as us.

We started with the product cards. We knew that they have to be sustainable but what does that actually mean? We found this amazing print house based out of Melbourne called Print Together. They ONLY use recycled paper and eco-friendly sustainable inks. We want our products to look good on the cards and not hurt our planet in the process. Now in addition to the product cards, we also get our bio-degradable Soulehe stickers from them as well. 100% Beauty 0% Guilt. If you want to learn more about our Print Together and their environmental ways, click here!

Next, we needed to find a great way to send you amazing products. To make sure our jewellery finds you in its best condition we needed to find some padding. Traditionally this is the spot where companies have used bubble wrap. But that did not really go with our vision. So we set out to find something that protects and does it sustainably. That is when we found another amazing Australian venture called HeapsGood and their product Hex Wrap. It is 100% Recyclable and compostable and does just as an amazing job. Now satisfied that the products are nicely in place we wanted our box to get to you in pristine condition. Maybe because you ordered it as a gift or you just want to put it on a shelf and marvel at it from time to time, it is important to us that it looks good. That is why we got the eco-mailers from HeapsGood, so that when our parcel gets bounced around on its way to you, then you know it will look great when you get it. Oh, and of course they are compostable. 6months and bye-bye!

Also, there are our mailer boxes and recycled paper filler that are from Australian companies as well. So for us, sustainability means that is either bio-degradable, recycled or compostable. Come on this sustainable journey with us!

  • Step 1

    We place your piece of jewellery on a bed of recycled Kraft filler and put the Hex Wrap around it to keep it nice and snug. Oh and the box of course is recycled as well!

  • Step 2

    We wrap it up and sing songs of praise about you when we do it. Tie a nice bow on it with sustainable hemp cord, oh this is coming together NICE!

  • Step 3

    Close up the box and put a beautiful biodegradable sticker on it. Makes you smile, doesn't it?

  • Step 4

    And finally, put it into an eco-mailer so the box makes it to you in pristine condition. The mailer bag is compostable and will be gone in six months. And then we run to the post office! See you soon!

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